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Other Locksmiths Services

  • Padlocks
  • Master Suites
  • Panic Exit Devices
  • Door Closers
  • Door Entry


We are able to offer a full range of padlocks and padbars to meet all your requirements from simple combination locks for lockers to Sold Secure Gold for insurance requirements

Zone 550Squire 2265 padlockIfam combi padlockERA big6 padlockChubbIK21 padlockAnvil padlock


Master Suites

Master key systems provide you with the ability to open every door while allowing other users to open only specific doors. master suites give you the opportunity to get rid of your overloaded key ring and replace it with a single key!
We can design, supply and install a master keyed system for most applications either large or small using varying levels of key security dependent on customer requirements.
Existing locks can be utilised providing they operate on either euro profile, british oval profile, scandinavian oval profile, round threaded or rim cylinders.
If you are considering installing a new master key system or upgrading an existing system then Gemini lock and safe can provide you with a no obligation quotation.


Master Key flowchart

Door Closers

Door Closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings but may be used in the home.

Door Closers have a variety of uses and applications:

door closer






  1. Door Closers are used to prevent smoke and/or fire spreading and maintaining the integrity of designated fire resisting doors and areas.
  2. Door Closers are used to maintain security on external doors by ensuring they remain closed or locked after each use.
  3. Door Closers are used to control the environment within buildings.
  4. Door Closers can be used to sustain the weather seal on external doors when closed.
  5. Door Closers can be used if you want to retain privacy

Panic Exit Devices

Do you know…?
There are new European standards.
Fitting illegal devices could mean fines or imprisonment.
Double panic bolts will be outlawed.



What are the new standards?

BS EN 1125 applies to panic applications where the exit door is used by the public and provides “safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation”.
For example: theatres, schools, shops, hospitals, cinemas.

Fire door exit bar





BS EN 179 applies to emergency applications where the exit door is used by people who “are familiar with the emergency exit and it’s hardware and therefore a panic situation is unlikely to occur”.
For example: a place of work, never accessed by the public or people unfamiliar with the escape drill.  This type of product should only be used in limited circumstances – be sure before you fit it!

Fire door push pad





We can help you with panic exit or fire exit devices in the Bedford area

We supply and install, service and maintain new and existing audio and video door entry systems.  Hard wired and wire free for both business and home, using well known brands such as Videx, Fermex, Bell Systems, and BPT.  These can be custom built to suite your requirements.

Entry systems

Modular entry systemModular Systems
Modular door entry systems enable, in as easy and cost effective way,
to customize outdoor stations to meet a vast range of installation
requirements. By combining modules together, a system as simple as a
single button or as complex as a multiple button with video, coded
access or proximity access can be assembled.


Digital door entry systemDigital & Functional systems
These systems have many advanced features including full privacy of
speech and lock release, timed call, timed door release and timed
conversation. Systems are available from as small as a one way up to
1000 apartments and 99 doors.




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