Security Grilles and Security Gates.

Gemini Locksmiths are Bedford’s leading Locksmiths in the Installation, Supply and Repair of Security Grilles, Security Gates, or Security Shutters. As Master Locksmiths we can also fit extra locking mechanisms to existing Security Grilles, Gates or Shutters. We at Gemini Locksmiths understand that Security Gates and Security Grilles are a great way to prevent unwanted people entering your property and that different customers require different levels of security and different looks, so Gemini Locksmiths offer a free survey and full design specification.

Types Of Security Grilles

There are many types of security grilles designed to improve the security of your property and many different looks to suite all tastes.

  • Fixed Security Grilles
  • Security Gates
  • Fixed Window Bars
  • Collapsible Window Grilles
  • Collapsible Door Grilles
  • Grille Guards

Fixed Security Grilles

These are usually suited to securing windows. These Grilles can be any design or colour.

Security Gates

These are used externally to either give extra security for Doors or prevent access to the rear of properties.

Collapsible Window And Door Security Grilles

Internally or externally fitted sliding grilles offer visual and physical security against intruder attack. Due to the fact they fold back like curtains and come in a variety of colours these security grilles still offer an aesthetic look for the end user.

They can be customised to fit in with the existing style and colour of your property, and because they are collapsible, provide robust security when you need it, with the option to be unobtrusive whenever you choose. We at Gemini Locksmiths pride ourselves that we install the best quality collapsible, retractable security grilles and provide the best customer service and workmanship every time. Collapsible grilles are a very effective barrier when locked – and also provide a highly visual deterrent to potential intruders. The grilles slide discreetly away, out of sight when they are not required.


Security Shutters are fitted externally. Shutters can be manual or automatic.

We also offer various locking options, internal and external fixed bars and metal sheets to cover vulnerable external doors, automated gates and doors.

Customers include Schools, Local Businesses IT Departments, Server rooms, Stately homes.

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